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House rules

House rules

House rules during the stay In our Apartments

During your stay in one of our apartments, you are required to follow our house rules and to take care of furniture, equipment and appliances in the apartment. In case of any loss, damage or destruction of inventory the guest will have to make restitution for the full amount of damage

Our apartments are available for rent for one or more days and the check-out is always before 11: 00 on the departure day. Guests are required to take their belongings with them

The curfew is from 22h until 9h

Smoking is allowed only in the living rooms.

Prepayment & Payment policy

The payment is to be done personally on the arrival day after receiving the keys.

You can pay either in convertible marks or euros.

For the reservation you are supposed to pay 50 % of the full amount right after the booking, before your arrival.

You can pay in advance in cash,through our bank accounts, Western Union and also Pay Pal. Transfer costs when paying through Pay Pal are 3% of the full amount.

How to prolonge or shorten your stay?

If the apartment is free, you will be able to prolonge your stay. In any other case we will try to find you accommodation in one of our other apartments

It is possible to shorten your stay but in that case we are not obliged to refund you the paid amount

Privacy of the guests during their stay in the Apartment

We pledge to protect our guests' privacy. The apartments in Banja Luka have legal obligation to keep you personal information, as well as information about your stay, private. However, because of the city tax, we are required to give your data to the police and tourist organization of Banja Luka

Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation or leaving the apartment earlier, we kindly ask you to inform us through e-mail or by phone as soon as you make that decision. We are not obliged to return the paid amount, if not stated otherwise in the contract

In case of having to cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances, Barby apartments will offer you replacement accommodation or return your money

Frequently asked questions

Do the Barby apartments have equipped kitchen?

All of our apartments have fully equipped kitchen with all the necessary facilities and appliances

Do Barby apartments offer linen and towels?

Yes, of course, all of our apartments have linen and towels included.